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BiosHub is a modern, easy-to-use tool for role-playing games.

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Why BiosHub?

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Created by someone tired of porting content and fighting with tools, BiosHub is designed to be get out of the way and enhance, not hinder, your games.

Easy to use

Minimal automation keeps control in the players hands.


Faster than a speeding locomotive by excluding unnecessary features!


Under constant development by a caring developer.

Your Content belongs to you!

BiosHub empowers you to bring your content with you with an easy to use creation system. Eschewing complicated data formats, proprietary systems and server-side databases, BiosHub allows you to import and export your content any time you want in usable formats! Feature still under contruction.

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Moments that matter

Free content

Frequent content drops including maps, tokens and adventures.

Friendly developer

Feel free to leave feedback or chat with the developer on Discord!